[Teen-Over-18] Nicole 19 yeas old

Nicole 19 yeas old

19 yo Mexican fast food cashier Nicole always wanted to be a stripper and bask in the adoration of men. But the gym is far and those fried chicken thighs tasty so…Well, I guess getting assfucked and inseminated on camera by a middle aged “casting agent” is the next best thing. Nicole’s casting is from back in October. Was one of the first times I live streamed via Periscope, and all that putzing around made me forget to turn on the POV cam for the first few minutes. Wanted to incorporate the recorded Periscope footage but it’s totally out of sync and effed up. You’ll see a few seconds of it in this video. To catch the next live stream of a casting interview check out my Twitter.

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Nicole19 yeas old 21.12.15
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